We provide zealous advocacy to individuals caught in the chaos of the criminal justice system. For over 40 years, Mr. Fisher has effectively represented individuals accused of serious state and federal crimes. Ms. Levine has a wealth of past experience on the prosecution, creating a unique and wide-ranging criminal defense practice. We are at the side of our clients at every stage of their case; investigation, trial, sentencing and appeal.

Robert A. Fisher

Robert A. Fisher is a practicing attorney licensed in the state of Illinois, appearing on behalf of clients in both state and federal courts in Illinois and neighboring states for more than 38 years.

He limits his practice to criminal defense and related concerns and appears regularly in the county criminal courts located in Cook, DuPage and lake counties, Illinois and the federal district court in Chicago. He has tried serious felony matters throughout the state and in foreign jurisdictions with permission of the court.

As a member of the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA), Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (IACDL), and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), his qualifications are exceptional.

His representation of individuals and corporations accused of criminal conduct or otherwise involved in the criminal justice system since 1979 are noted.


Katherine Levine Attorney

Ms. Levine is a former Assistant State’s Attorney with several years of experience prosecuting a wide variety of criminal charges.

Katherine’s tenure as a prosecutor is invaluable in evaluating cases and defending individuals who face trials on serious charges.

She has a solid record in representing an accused in both State and Federal courts as well as collateral administrative proceedings.